Cars and Motorcycles have been my passion since I was a little boy.

Through my paintings I want to express my passion for cars and motorcycles. In my pantings I showcase on the canvas among others, classic american cars, european luxury automobiles, supercars and motorcycles. Vibrant colors, reflections, little details and also textures are present in my works.

I started drawing cars when I was about nine, I used to trace with pencils and colors the cars shown on dealers catalogs and drew them with wide tyres, foglights and rollover bars to make them appear like racing machines.
During boring vacation days, with my younger brother used to read every single page of the Automobile Encyclopedia, in which we read the history of the pioneers and were amazed by the wonderful machines they created.

After school I decided to study graphic design, as I discovered that expressing my visual creativity was something worth of doing as a living.
I worked as an editorial designer for over 25 years in my native Colombia.